The 2018 United States derecho season was an inactive derecho season that only featured 3 derechos. The strongest derecho was recorded in Northern Indiana in July, which had a gust of 103 mph, about as strong as a mid-range Category 2 hurricane.


Derecho OneEdit

On April 3, the SPC issued an enhanced risk for the Oklahoma and Arkansas regions, noting that very high winds could occur due to a straight-line wind event. Late that evening, at about 8:00 pm CDT, a strong line of storms formed near Idabel, Oklahoma. These storms were severe warned for a 45 mile wide stretch, traveling all the way to the Little Rock area, where straight-line wind damage was reported. At least three tornadoes were reported, all rated EF0-EF1 strength near the Oklahoma/Arkansas state line. The top gust was 78 mph near De Queen, Arkansas.

Derecho TwoEdit

On May 13, the SPC issued another enhanced risk for the third day in a row for the Great Lakes region, where straight-line wind damage was expected due to a possible strong derecho. At about 1:00 pm CDT, a line of severe thunderstorms with wind gusts of up to 80 mph formed in Eastern Iowa, moving in a southeasterly direction. A top wind gust of 81 mph was recorded just south of Joliet, Illinois, as the derecho was moving into Northern Indiana, where it dissipated early on may 14.

Derecho ThreeEdit

On July 22, the SPC issued a moderate risk for tornadoes, hail, and straight-line winds for the states of Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio. At about 11:00 am EDT, a strong derecho formed just north of Lafayette, Indiana. This derecho rapidly intensified in the afternoon, where some tornadoes were reported, with a maximum gust of 103 mph recorded near Kokomo, Indiana. At least 24 tornadoes touched down across the state, with the maximum tornado being rated EF3 not too far south of Marion, Indiana. The derecho continued its trek into Ohio, where wind gusts were slightly weaker, with the top gust in Ohio being 95 mph. With the storm nearly dissipating, on July 23, the derecho crossed into West Virginia, where mudslides occurred due to the heavy rain. The area was going through a harsh drought at the time of the derecho's passover. at about 5:00 am EDT, the derecho dissipated near Lewisburg, West Virginia.